Mark Hagen


Current PhD students: Penelope Azuelos (Bristol), co-supervised with Indira Chatterji.

Past PhD students: Harry Petyt (Bristol, completed 2022). Bruno Robbio (University of the Basque Country, co-supervised with Ilya Kazachkov, completed 2020).

Lectures (2022/23): Algebraic Topology -- all the stuff will be on Blackboard.

Third/fourth-year projects: Bristol students interested in doing their project with me should contact me at mh17540 @ bristol . ac . uk. To give you an idea of topics, recent projects have been on Coxeter groups, crystallographic groups, free group automorphisms, Stallings' theorem on ends, and Hydra groups. The advertised projects are a starting point, not a prescription.

Reference letters: In general, I am happy to write a reference letter if you have taken a class/done a project with me. Here is information about what I need to do it.