Mark Hagen


Some notes/resources:

- Notes for YGGT 2024 minicourse on cube complexes.

- Notes on Coxeter groups by Chris Cashen.

- GGT book by Cornelia Druţu and Michael Kapovich.

- GGT book by Clara Löh.

- Notes on inective spaces and Helly graphs by Thomas Haettel and notes on related topics by Abdul Zalloum.

- Notes about CAT(0) cube complexes I wrote for a mini-course. Written quickly and not checked carefully, caveat lector even more than usual.

- Book on median algebras by Brian Bowditch.

- Notes on hierarchical hyperbolicity by Alex Sisto.

- Notes on the curve complex, by Saul Schleimer.

- Cube complexes notes by Petra Schwer.

- Talks from GGT without boundaries.

Blogs etc:

- Inclusion/Exclusion

- The Accidental Mathematician

- The Liberated Mathematician

- Alex Sisto's blog

- Rylee Lyman's blog

- Nick Touikan's blog

- Cathy O'Neil's blog

Other stuff to read:

- Dead zones of the imagination by David Graeber.

- Against Cop Shit by Jeffrey Moro.

- No cops in the lecture hall by Rashid Amerzaine and Root Beer.

- The Extremely Shady "Educational Integrity" Industry by Cory Doctorow.

- Pedagogy of the oppressors by Aram Bingham.

- Why do UK universities have such large gender pay gaps? by Fran Amery et al.

- How to restore work-life balance in academia by Ingrid Robeyns.

- Royal Holloway Early Career Academics on UCU democracy.

- The Sycophant by Lorna Finlayson.

- Kept Alive for Thirty Days by Stefan Collini.