Mark Hagen


Some GGT stuff that interests me lately:

- Actions on injective spaces.

- Walls from projections and other things involving "cubical approximations" of various kinds.

- Coarse median spaces and their asymptotic cones (good resource for asymptotic cones).

- Co-growth.

- Subsets of median algebras that aren't subalgebras but are nonetheless nice.

- HHG automorphisms.

- Geometry of central extensions.

Blogs etc:

- Inclusion/Exclusion

- The Accidental Mathematician

- The Liberated Mathematician

- Alex Sisto's blog

- Rylee Lyman's blog

- Nick Touikan's blog

- Cathy O'Neil's blog

Articles about teaching/university stuff:

- Against Cop Shit by Jeffrey Moro.

- No cops in the lecture hall by Rashid Amerzaine and Root Beer.

- The Extremely Shady "Educational Integrity" Industry by Cory Doctorow.

- Pedagogy of the oppressors by Aram Bingham.

- Why do UK universities have such large gender pay gaps? by Fran Amery et al.

- USS Briefs.